Winged eyeliner tutorial: easy application for beginners sligthly hooded eyes

hello sweethearts, the most awaited video is here. my eye wing gangs this is for you. i used the gel because the easy way to start with.
Let me know if it helps!
product used
ADS eye long wear gel

real techniques fine line brush




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15 Responses

  1. IRAWO MI says:

    Simple and easy !!♥️

  2. Venus Eats says:

    beautiful look! very nice. new friend here.

  3. I love the wig and makeup girl.

  4. Mommy & Me says:

    Hey!! Here showing love!! I need to learn this❤️❤️ will be here & chimming in always!!

  5. Nice eyes love it friend

  6. you nailed the wing liner and i love it

  7. Love the background ❤️

  8. The back ground tho♥️

  9. Mr. Noir says:

    U people won’t kidnap me and show me how to do make ups ???

  10. Baby girl you’re doing great. I love you undisputedly

  11. am following the process now, thanks for sharing this video, you look prettier in the final makeover

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